Monday, November 29, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Idea #1: Chocolate Mustache

I was flipping ever-so-slowly through my new Food Network Magazine on Saturday when I saw an advertisement for Chocolate Mustaches on Sticks.

While the simple fact that it's a chocolate mustache on a stick might give one pause, I stopped because, well, I love mustaches on sticks. I think they're the bee's knees, the apple of my eye, the most awesome piece of awesomeness since the invention of awesome. Why? Because I may or may not have a few wedding pictures out there that contain mustaches on sticks. And because they're just hilarious.

The fact that Nibbee Chocolate Company sells these little buggers is just too fantastic. They're not too unreasonably priced either - $1.99 each. Still, I felt like I would need more than just one. I have so many people who could - and should - benefit from a chocolate mustache on a stick. The names that come to mind are too many to be listed, but suffice to say that I feel everyone I know needs to have their own little piece of chocolate facial hair.

What, then, is a girl to do on a shoestring budget?

She's to make her own, of course.

Enter the idea of Google Searching "Chocolate Mustache Molds." Now insert the happy dance when I not only found one (HOORAY!) but found that it was priced just as cheaply at one pre-made mustache (HOORAH!) I'm buying it now.

Really. Right now.

Done. It's bought. I have officially bought a chocolate mustache mold. I might be the coolest person I know. Okaaaaay. Not really.

I am the only person I know that owns this particular candy mold, though. Woot!


  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  2. How awesome would it be to make mustaches in different kinds of chocolate, and maybe take pictures with your friends using them as mustachioed disguises? That would be a fun afternoon!