I’m Jess.

I’m just a journalism degree-wielding gal attempting to get back in touch with her inner writer while exploring the world of newly-married bliss, the creation of a new family, the insanity of a career in event planning and an unbridled adoration of my kitchen. I love Scottish Terriers, the scent of old books, spicy okra pickles and my stand mixer. The cooking section of a bookstore is guaranteed to enthrall me for hours. I adore Whole Foods, but not the lack of nutritional information on their labels. If given the opportunity, I’d attempt to eat the Old ’96er.
Okay, not really.

I do miss John Candy, though.

I spend a lot of time with this guy. His name is Shannon. For some reason, he decided it would be a really great idea to love me. I’m glad he did. I cook, he eats. He also tells me that everything I do is spectacular which is a lie. I'll believe him, though. We were married on October 8, 2010. Every day is a new adventure when you're hitched. You can watch our ridiculousness unfold. I'm sure it will en masse.

I send packages of goodies to these lovely ladies to the left of me. My sisters. My heart. My two favorite girls ever. Even when we annoy the ever-living hoohah out of one another, we’ve still got each other’s backs. In a knife fight, that’s important. I’ve got my posse. My posse gets cookies.

These girls? Hilarious. When I’m acting a spaz in my kitchen or running myself ragged at work, they are the funny that holds it all together like really vicious rubber cement. They also suffer through my insane need to  host brunches and “Butter for Dinner” nights and garden parties. My inner 1950s housewife finds acceptance in the sisterhood we’ve created.

The bottom line? I'm ecclectic and nerdy to the extreme. I announce every high kick I do. I don't talk with just my hands. Sometimes, I talk with other appendanges, too. It's terrifying. I play video games. I love to run. I bake to relieve stress. I change my hair color often. I like to wear high heels, but I usually wear Chuck Taylors.

This blog? It's a little bit of everything. My cooking. My family. My career. My rambling. I'll drop it all here to mix and meld and become whatever it becomes. I like telling stories. It’s what I do. It’s how I gain perspective. It’s how I learn from my successes and my failures, and I never want to stop learning.

Oh. Oh. Oh. If you’re not getting enough of me here, you can always email me at I love email.