Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Post is About Reading, Not Food

Today, Shannon and I met with our pastor to discuss our ceremony and put the final touches on what we want for our ceremony.

Our ceremony. It's just eight days away. At this time next week, I'll be in the last moments of singledom. Wow.

As we prepped for this conversation, we were thinking of readings we'd like to be part of our intimate ceremony. Corinthians 13 will be part of the ceremony. Such a beautiful commentary on love. Love, not marriage, as Pastor Randy pointed out. Fitting that we should reflect on love in all its forms as we are married with our closest family by our sides. Our grandparents, our parents, our siblings...

After our discussion - unity candle (no), prayer (yes), writing our own vows (no), communion (yes) - Pastor Randy reminded us that if we had any other favorite verses or poems or pieces we'd like read to send them his way. Immediately, I thought of a piece my wonderful friend Steph sent to me a few months ago.

Robert Fulghum is wonderful. I'll be sending it to Pastor Randy later this evening. For now, you should enjoy. Take a read...

"Union" by Robert Fulghum

You have known each other from the first glance of acquaintance to this point of commitment. At some point, you decided to marry. From that moment of yes, to this moment of yes, indeed, you have been making commitments in an informal way. All of those conversations that were held in a car, or over a meal, or during long walks – all those conversations that began with, “When we’re married”, and continued with “I will” and “you will” and “we will” – all those late night talks that included “someday” and “somehow” and “maybe” – and all those promises that are unspoken matters of the heart. All these common things, and more, are the real process of a wedding.

The symbolic vows that you are about to make are a way of saying to one another, “You know all those things that we’ve promised, and hoped, and dreamed – well, I meant it all, every word.”

Look at one another and remember this moment in time. Before this moment you have been many things to one another – acquaintance, friend, companion, lover, dancing partner, even teacher, for you have learned much from one another these past few years. Shortly you shall say a few words that will take you across a threshold of life, and things between you will never quite be the same.

For after today you shall say to the world –
This is my husband. This is my wife.

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  1. What a wonderful reading! It's so sweet, I might have to make a copy and file it away for one day...

    It's crazy how fast your ceremony is coming up! It keeps surprising me, I can't imagine how quickly it is approacing from your point of view!