Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's been quite the serious weekend around the house.

I did some serious grocery shopping and filled my refrigerator with lots of vegetables and fruits and yogurt.

I bought a serious hanging basket filled with strawberry plants. It filled my heart with happiness when I found it. I've always wanted to plant strawberries, but I just never felt I had enough room. Now, they'll grow outside my back door.

I also bought some serious vegetable plants to put into the remaining space in my garden. Green beans, brussels sprouts, and a few herbs that I long to have all summer long.

One very serious Scottish Terrier took it upon himself to keep the plants safe and sound. "None shall pass!" He'll have none of your tomfoolery. Just you try to touch those beans. It'll be over, pal.

I made some delicious Maple-Bacon Oatmeal Whoopie Pies using this seriously expensive pure maple syrup and this less expensive but hard to find maple flavoring.

Hence why I look so seriously sweaty and miserable in my SO SO SO hot kitchen. 88 degrees outside. 900 degrees in that kitchen!

Unfortunately, I ended up spending even more time in there because I seriously needed to organize my baking cabinet. I took some pictures of it. I didn't organize it. Maybe, sometime soon, when I have AC, I'll tackle that project. For now? No dice

And now, I'm going to read some seriously lengthy applications for the open positions in my department. No cooking today. It's too hot. The graham crackers? The marshmallows? The chocolate chip cookies for my neighbor? Not today. Today, I'll work. You know why? I can read in the heat and still be functional. I cannot bake in the heat and not feel like I'm hung over the next day.



  1. Ok, that dog is seriously CUTE. Your greenery looks lovely. Good luck with all of it, the strawberries in particular.

  2. Strawberries in a hanging basket, how convenient! You won't even need to go out across the lawn to get some!