Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Full Unfilled Weekend

This weekend is my first totally unfilled weekend in a long, long time. It's also going to be my last totally unfilled weekend for a while. We have Memorial Day coming up, my sister's college graduation party, Baby Sofie's first birthday party, Jacob's graduation party, my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, my 30th birthday (do the math, people)...

I might actually have at least one thing planned per weekend from now until the end of July.


Of course, the one weekend I have completely free is another one of the weekends that Shannon is working. I'll be left up to my own devices for a full 48 hours. Okay, not all 48 hours, but a good enough chunk for me to feel comfortable exaggerating.

So what to do?

Cook. And garden. What else, right? You're starting to see a trend in my life, aren't you?

I'll also manage to run at least one of the two days. I need to make sure I get a run in so that I'm not panting and gasping when I'm trying to run that 5K in June.

Gardening is simple - I need to weed the garden. Enough said.

Cooking is a bit more of a challenge for me. We'll be having a semi-celebratory dinner on Saturday night. For what? I'll tell you when it's official. For said celebratory dinner, we'll be having homemade pizza, salad, and, most likely, some homemade berry shortcake. Keep your eyes peeled for the berry shortcake recipe. I'm hoping it'll be a tasty one.

I also have some homemade marshmallows to make. And graham crackers.

Shannon is demanding that I make him whoopie pies. Specifically, maple-bacon filled whoopie pies.

I would also like to whip up those Mexican breakfast sandwich thingies I said I was going to make a few weeks ago. 

Oh...and I need to make our neighbor chocolate chip cookies for allowing us to borrow her lawn mower twice while ours wasn't working. And for mowing the front lawn just because she rocks.

Whew! I have quite the list. Hopefully, I can check off a few of those little projects.

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  1. Hmmm... You were born a week after they got married?

    Here's some weirder math for you... Mom was 18 when I was born. Dad was 24. They had been dating for five years.

    Yes, Dad, at 19, was dating a 13 year-old. I shudder at the thought. Though he defends himself by saying she was a very mature 13 year-old.

    Anyway... I hope your summer is fantastic. And keep up that running. If any races bring you out to the East Coast, let me know.