Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey There, Sugar

I'm feeling kind of good about my baking life right now.

Why you ask?

Well, my friend, I'll tell you. I'm picking up a wee bit of side business.

My wonderful co-worker Lauren ordered two dozen of my Sweet & Salty Strawberry Ganache Cookies for her birthday in a few weeks. They're fun little cookies to make, and I'm especially excited that she'll be sharing them with her friends at a birthday celebration. How fun!

(PS - if you haven't checked out her blog, get your booty over to You Had Me at Handmade. You'll be glad you did.)

My second mother texted me today with a request for cupcakes in a hurry. Two dozen, to be exact. I'll be throwing together some yummy cupcakes for her work function on Monday. Strawberry or lemon are top of the list per her suggestion. I'm debating which I think we'll be the tastiest.

My awesome boss is passing along my name to a friend of hers that works in catering. Baking just isn't his thing. So, maybe, if all goes well... We'll see.

Plus, I still have my two weddings booked in December. I'm downright pumped!


  1. Those sound like some exciting prospects, Jess! I hope your cupcakes turn out well!

  2. Yay for business! You'll be a household name in no time. You're sweet for mentioning me :)