Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gaggity Gag Gag

Corn and pea salad - gag
Lately, a lot of foods have made me a bit gaggy. I attribute this to my changing palate in the winter months as well as my sensitive digestive system. Maybe sensitive isn't the right word.

I think the word I'm looking for is volatile.

Or maybe hateful.

Word choice not withstanding, my digestive tract often rebels. Lately, it's been rebeling when it comes to all forms of vegetables. The picture above was enough to send me into spasms of disgust. I mean, it's not a pretty dish to begin with, but there was something about the combination of corn and peas in a liquid that's cold.


It brought back memories of my fascination with aspic. I'm still fascinated. I'm just not as eager to make it. Go figure.


  1. Did you see I passed along to you the Stylish blogger award? I may have mentioned aspic. HAHA