Friday, December 17, 2010


You know that mustache mold that I was talking about a few weeks ago? You know, this post here. Well, that mold finally showed up at my house last week.

Last night, I got together with some of my very wonderful girlfriends for what I'm sure will be one in a series of many holiday dinners. We all shared little goodies with one another.

My friend Steph bestowed upon each of us the following:

Yes. Photos. Photos of her flipping us the double bird. Fantastic.

Of course, this upped the ante a little bit, and I was starting to get pretty worried about the success of my mustache plan. I mean, I was giving my gifts right after her! How was I going to top double birded awesome with candy?

Though she might have stolen my thunder initially, I'm pretty sure the mustaches were a hit. Or so the photo would imply.

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