Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Need to Focus

I think this week may be the longest week in creation.

I say that only because I've been convinced that it's Friday since Wednesday and the hour hand on the clock moved at a snail's pace yesterday. Soooo slooooow. You would have thought it wasn't moving at all.

I think it has to do with the fact that I'll be on vacation as of a week from tomorrow. Having the possibility of three weeks of vacation looming on the horizon makes the weeks that you're at work move frighteningly slow. It also means that the time that you have at work before your vacation needs to be highly utilized. I have so much on my list of things to accomplish that I'm almost nauseated.

I also think it has much to do with the fact that tomorrow I'll be embarking on a baking adventure. I am producing 150 cupcakes and a wedding cake top for my friends' wedding on Saturday. I am responsible for the dessert at their wedding for 92 people. I am responsible for a part of their special day.

Look at them. How do you let a couple like this down?

I am a certifiable wreck at the present time. It's important that you know that. I am certifiable. I would enjoy a good cry right about now. Followed by the sifting of some flour. In that order, yes.

So the week? It's been long. What is getting me through is the fact that I know that everything will turn out if I just put my mind to it. If I focus. I must focus. So, I'm going to do just that. Focus.

I am going to focus on so many things, but mostly on Sunday afternoon and this soup for dinner.

*Cupcake Update: After baking for what felt like eons, but which turned out to be more like 14 hours, I had completed 144+ cupcakes and one three-tiered cake for cutting. Not only was I incredibly exhausted but I was also totally excited to share the cupcakes at the wedding. Let me just tell you, there is nothing better in this world than cream cheese buttercream. Nothing. It was the first time ever that I have confiscated the mixing bowl from Shannon and refused to share. Everything turned out beautifully. I almost started crying when I saw the cupcake display. I will have pictures soon from my lovely friend Abbie at Abbie Takes Pictures to share with you. Can't wait!

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