Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Business, Business, Business

My wedding took place more than a week ago, and yet I have still been off the radar. Sometimes I ask myself if I'm ever really on the radar. But that's neither here nor there, really.

The reality is that despite our ceremony being in the past, our reception is very much in the future. As is a week of programming at my place of employment followed by five days out-of-state for a conference. Both of those two items are ahead of said reception. The reality is that I'm lucky to have a spare minute to breathe, let alone blog. And I miss it.

The blogging. Not the breathing because I'm still putting in a good effort to maintain that portion of my day in healthy fashion.

To attempt to appease the blog gods, and, more likely, myself, I'm posting briefly today. I'm sharing a picture from my wedding day. The one picture anyone has seen thus far.

Enjoy and know that I will be back sometime soon. Hopefully sooner than later. Hopefully with a fresh outlook on blogging and something important in my pocket to share.

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