Thursday, August 26, 2010

Restaurants Saved my Sanity

Sometimes I forget I have a life that exists beyond work. It's the beginning of another school year, and I'm in the midst of the thrill of the first week of classes at the moment. This means I'm at work from 8am - 11pm some days.

I do not exaggerate when it comes to the length of the days.

Last night, I fell into bed at 8pm to watch a new episode of "Ghost Hunters." I woke up when Shannon called me an hour later. Good thing I have a DVR. I started off this morning by oversleeping. My alarm went off at 6am. I woke up at 6:53am. Uh oh. I digress.

The point of all of this is to remind myself that I have been a poor blogger lately. It's also to remind myself that I have failed to cook anything creative in quite a while. All of you who read (or past tense "read") before my long leave of work and craziness already realize these things. If you didn't, I'd be surprised.

I promised myself when I started this most recent food adventure that I wouldn't be "that blogger" again. I feel, in some ways, as if I've failed. I've tried to remind myself that it's really because work has been so crazy that I haven't felt like cooking. I've also tried to remind myself that I have plenty of chances to start cooking again coming up after Labor Day weekend. All that being said, I still feel like I need to get back on track. In reality, I'm at home in my kitchen. It's my zen location. It's where I work off stress and whip up goodies. The fact that they longest I've been in it recently is to heat up some pre-grilled chicken I purchased at Trader Joe's makes me sad.

With that being said, I promise things will get back to normal shortly. Food will be cooked. Photos will be taken. Words will be shared.

I plan on starting these things on Saturday. Originally, we were talking about going out to dinner and seeing a movie. Instead, I might see if the soon-to-be-hubby wants to spend the day at home. It sounds a bit more up my alley for this time of the year. A bit more relaxing. Even though restaurants have been the bright spots in long, long weeks recently, a glass of wine at my patio sounds like something I'd prefer to the hustle this weekend.

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