Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Re-Thinking a Wedding

Shannon and I have been doing a lot of soul-searching and discussing about our wedding in the last few days. We've been talking money, we've been talking venues, we've been talking stress. We've also been talking where we go from "I do." We've been talking about starting a family. We've been talking about where we'd buy a house.

Really, we've been talking a five-year plan. So, it makes sense that we're re-thinking some things. Being practical. Being pragmatic. Being true to what our gut is telling us to do.

For now, that's as much as I'll say. We haven't made any hard and fast decisions. We have, however, put contracting with the caterer on hold until next week. Let that say what it will, right?


  1. I hope that all of your planning and pondering goes swiftly and well. Though it's important to do, it isn't much fun.

  2. Yeah, you don't want to rush this very big, very important step in both your lives. Better to take it easy and get there safe and have a blast of a wedding...

    There's a saying in my country: "Calm down, and we'll see dawn." Comes in handy during vampire attacks, I've heard.