Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

May you have a wonderful holiday full of all the beautiful traditions and sweet moments with your loved ones that one day can hold.

The weather is supposed to be lovely in my neck of the woods, and I'm quite excited to be spending some quality time with my sister, her fiance, my parents and my main squeeze in the "country" tomorrow. We may have to conference call my other sister and her husband out in Cali. It's hard not having the whole gang together for some holidays, but they'll be in for a visit in July. For now, a conference call will do.

So what's on the menu? Slow smoked pork loin and my mom's potato salad. And the cupcakes above.

I used my carrot cupcake recipe and Bakerella's inspiring idea to make these little Easter numbers.



What more can you ask for?

Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. The group photo in this entry makes me sooooo happy! It's sooooooo good! I just couldn't be more proud of you, my little photographer chef. <3

  2. My daughter would love this-so playful!