Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why It's Okay to Look Poor

I say this half jokingly. It's not to say that shabby chic isn't in right now, but more importantly, I'm talking about having the aura of one who is frugal not because they choose to be but because they must be. I believe that Shannon and I may have this look currently, and it has led to some surprising results.

Really, only one surprising result.

We stopped by a local bakery recently to pick up some treats. I was having a sugar attack on a Saturday, the one day I allow myself to cheat just a little on the healthy eating radar, and I needed to have something scrumptious rightnow and not in an hour after I'd prepared and baked it myself. So, we stopped at McArthurs Bakery to see what remained at 7:30pm.

Low and behold, I found this selection of total yumminess.

Notice the "Hot Cross Buns." I about did a jig when I saw them. My only experience with them up until this point was playing "Hot Cross Buns" on my recorder in elementary music class. I may have had a solo. It wasn't the start of a beautiful career, though.

So we found what we were looking for. We'd conquered the treats! I was ready to go home when all of a sudden a bag was thrust at me from across the counter. A bag full of goodies. I was told, in no uncertain terms, to "take this home with ya."

So I did because I am not one to refuse a gift or be wasteful or be rude. Oh, and because I'm a little bit poor. It would seem the gentleman behind the counter could smell it on us.

Thank you, Bread Dude, for your intuition. Or your sixth sense. You know, whatever it was that led you to believe we needed extra bread in the house. Even though we don't. We'll still eat it. We love bread.

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