Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There Are Some Things Missing

I try not to get too misty when contemplating the things I wish I had in my possession. I find it incredibly important to be thankful for the wonderful pieces I already have in my arsenal and the wonderful people who have gifted me with said pieces of kitchen glory. My mom, for one, who spent Christmas day staring intently at me and waiting for the "ooh" moment when I opened my gorgeous "starter" stand mixer and my new, heavy-duty food processor. Or Shannon who gifted me with knives on the day of love, and subsequently almost removed his fingertip on Tuesday evening while attempting to chop lettuce with my 7" Santoku knife. These are the folks that have helped create the treasure trove of culinary joy that I surround myself with every day. Why be sad I'm missing something?

It's a rhetorical question of course. I'm sad I'm missing something because somewhere, deep down, I believe I truly need something more. Isn't it human nature to want? Don't we all have a tiny, or perhaps huge, wish list buried somewhere inside us? I think we do. No matter how far down it's hidden, somewhere you want something. Even if it is just a really good, warm piece of apple pie.

The bigger, more answerable question, is what am I missing?

I am missing the following:
     - a nice pair of tongs
     - better lighting in my kitchen
     - a really decent camera

The tongs issue is simple enough to solve since they are both readily accessible and affordable. I can take care of that issue this weekend if I should so choose.

Better lighting has been on the home to-do list since we moved into the rental in October. Let me remind you, and all those that you love and cherish, that there is absolutely nothing flattering about florescent lighting. Nothing. Especially not in a room in which you are supposed to be eating. You want warmth; you want pretty. You do not want harsh and unyielding, both of which florescent lighting proves to be. We have a little money with which to solve said problem. We just need to get through the lean times of slow construction work in order to feel comfortable spending any amount of the little money on lighting.

A really decent camera may be a long time coming. I have friends that have beauties I wish I could steal, or at least borrow. I haven't the gumption to ask, though. If my kitchen is my baby, their cameras are theirs. You just can't borrow someone's baby. At least not without it being slightly awkward when you give it back. So I want for this more than I want for anything else at the moment. The missing that I know is the furthest from being sated.

How typical of me.

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