Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cheater Cheater Calzone

I wish I could claim to have made this yummy-looking calzone entirely from scratch. I'll be honest, though, and let you know that I used Chef Boyardee's Cheese Pizza Kit dough instead of going through the trouble of making my own pizza dough this evening. Why? Because it's Sunday, and I thought it might be nice to spend some time on the couch with my honey before I head back to work tomorrow morning.

I will let you in on a little secret, though. I used an Egg Beaters "egg wash" to seal the calzones and get the nice, deep brown crust on the overall shell. Plus, the egg wash creates the perfect gel to hold the Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese to the outside of the calzone.

My one word of advice when it comes to this easy to make meal? Don't skimp on the sauce. I used leftover homemade marinara for the sauce, and it made all the difference. The thickness and tanginess of the marinara were a real compliment to the fresh vegetables (me) and the pepperoni (Shan) in the pizza pockets. If you're looking for a really great marinara recipe that's simple and simply fantastic, I highly recommend Giada de Laurentis' recipe. You can find it here, but I really think you should pick up Everyday Italian. I have yet to find something that's not wonderful.

The real test of any meal, quick or time-consuming, in my house is how fast it's devoured. The verdict in my in-a-hurry household tonight? Dinner finished in 30 minutes with no leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. Delicious!

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