Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some Thoughts on Wedding Planning

I'm trying to be a frugal bride. Frugal by necessity if you will. My girls and I will be test piloting a number of DIY projects that, if successful, I will be incorporating into my wedding. For instance, I've begun the great hunt for vintage brooches. I'll be making my bouquet out of them. My mother has provided me with some of my great grandmother's costume brooches, and I'm on my way to flea market shopping in the next few weeks. I'm also looking to incorporate my love for reading/writing into the ceremony via my bridesmaids' "flowers." We'll be attempting to perfect making flowers out of the pages of novels. I know it sounds crazy, but it's absolutely beautiful when it's all said and done. If I can manage it, most of our "flowers" are going to not be flowers at all. Too much money on something too temporary.

Despite my inclination to make things rather than buy them, the planning of my wedding budget still gives me pause from time to time. Okay, maybe I freak out a little bit. It's all the little unknown costs. The waiting for people to get back to us that really makes our heads spin. In all reality, I think it's going to turn out just fine and dandy. Right now, I'm just freaking out unnecessarily. It's what I do. It's a part of who I am.

Two things to share though.

One, I think everyone, even those not getting hitched, should read and enjoy Offbeat Bride. It just makes me so happy to see people doing things their way. You can visit to find out what I mean.

I also found my wedding colors via Eat, Drink, Chic. The downloadable vintage gift tags inspired me, and I'm turning the summery cornflower blue and vibrant yellow tag into the focal point for our wedding colors. I'm quite excited. Check out the "Foodless & Fabulous" section to find the link to this lovely little number. It inspires me. Truly.

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  1. Deanna and I were blessed to have the reception (food, drinks, music, etc.) paid for... For the rest, Deanna did a great job in gathering stuff on her own. That woman is magic with frugality. She recommends for some neat, unique stuff.