Thursday, March 18, 2010

Huhot, You Little Doll You

Shannon happens to be a fairly big fan of Mongolian BBQ. He especially enjoys HuHot which is a Mongolian BBQ Buffet of the make-it-yourself variety. Consider the possibilities when you can choose from a plethora of meats, veggies, noodles and sauces. Inevitably, you'll come up with more than one combination that you can try. This makes Shannon very, very happy.

The good man in my life is working nights the rest of the week and is pulling time on Saturday doing demo for one of my colleague's siblings. Long story short, he's going to be working hard the next few days, and we won't see each other until Saturday night after my girls depart from Girls' Night. Sunday is to be a date night. So it has been written.

HuHot is running a month-long special with $10.99 pricing for dinner. Combine the dinner deal with Shannon's love of Mongolian BBQ and our pre-planned date night, and you already know where we're going. HuHot it is.

While I'm happy as a clam to go, I always worry wort about calorie intake when we go out. Especially to buffets. Especially for Asian food. It's not as if it's the most hip-friendly cuisine when you Americanize it. Obviously, I've already spent a few minutes worrying over it, and it's only Thursday. So, you can only imagine my surprise (and happiness!) when I found out that HuHot has nutritional information online! Not only nutritional information, but good nutritional information. Good meaning that they have done the following to make me a oh-so-happy patron:

  • broken down serving sizes for each item

  • listed calories, fat and fiber (which I need as a good Weight Watchers girl)

  • provided suggestions on what to combo up to make a healthy and filling meal

  • provided nutritional info on their appetizers and desserts, both of which I am drawn to in an almost painful way

My heart did a little skippy pit-a-pat when I saw the link. It did a double dutch-style jump when I was able to print everything out. It almost backflipped when I scanned the pages and found all sorts of things that I can eat. Date night suddenly became a much less terrifying prospect for my waistline and a much more enjoyable excursion into the world of buffet eating.

Oh, thank you, HuHot, you little doll. I think I'm in love.


  1. Hi Jess,
    I'm so glad you found our nutritional information online. We really make an effort to be diet-friendly! If you have a Weight Watchers Dining Out Companion you can find the points for all our food line items and sauces too.


  2. Ha! I found you. Tag, you're it...

    And what do you mean "the good man in (your) life"? There's a bad one?