Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Wonderful

After kicking the weekend off with an evening of Rockband with some of our closest friends, I settled into a haze of cake supply store exploring, cookie creating, candy making, and, finally, biscuit baking this morning. Throw in there an impromptu bowl of guacamole, and you have yourself a pretty busy weekend.

The bad part was the pile of dishes that I had to beat into submission. There are moments, especially those involving me baking, in which I long for a dishwasher. Even though I know it would destroy the cozy, deep city atmosphere of our kitchen, I long for the hum of an electronic dish-washing behemoth that would whisk me away to a world without 20 minutes worth of dish-pan hands.

The good part was that all of the foods I attempted - from a cherry cordial cookie filled with sweet, sweet cherry ganache to a gooey, melt-in-your-mouth Oreo truffle - turned out dreamily delicious. I would make reference to how delicious the biscuits were, but we haven't eaten them yet. They're still turning golden delightful in the oven at the moment. I will go so far as to say they look magnificent.

It's a joy to have your adventures in the kitchen turn out so well. It makes you feel a bit squishy inside, as if your innards have turned into the buttercream of life, and ready to share the recipes your labor has produced so others can take in the tastiness of a weekend's good work. It also makes you exquisitely exhausted.

As you can see.

*Shannon has sneakily tried one of the biscuits as they just popped out of the oven. His verdict? Eye-rolling delicious.

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